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IICRC Certified


24/7/365 Emergency Response

Do’s and Don’ts of Storm Damage Restoration

storm damage restoration

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on pinterest Pinterest Storm Damage Restoration: Do’s and Dont’s Storms can be a nightmare for many business owners. They can cause damage to almost everything around your facility from fallen trees, broken windows, flooding, and worse. Being prepared with the a plan […]

What are the health risks of living with untreated smoke damage?

What are the health risks of living with untreated smoke damage? Smoke damage is not only unpleasant when it first occurs, but it can also pose health risks if left untreated. Some of the most common ways untreated damage can impact your health are below. Respiratory Issues Even after smoke has disappeared, soot and other […]

When do you need a remediation specialist?

When do you need a remediation specialist? If you have mold in your building and aren’t sure what to do about it, calling a mold remediation specialist is a good idea. Mold has the potential to spread or be toxic – none of which is good for your business, health, or wallet. Size Matters: In […]

Water Damaged Hardwood Floors

Water Damaged Hardwood Floors Hardwood floors are one of the top choices for many businesses today. They are easy to clean, low maintenance, and enhance the aesthetics of your property. Additionally, with the proper care and maintenance, they can last longer than other floors. One thing to keep in mind with the care of hardwood […]

Express Restoration Services – Your Partner In Disaster Response

Express Restoration Services – Your Partner In Disaster Response Our goal is to help you plan for the unexpected, develop response solutions and implement preventative loss plans. Express Restoration Services is committed to helping our clients deal with the aftermath of water, fire, smoke, and other disaster-related damages. We know that for many businesses, restoration […]

What To Check In Your Disaster Preparedness Inspections

What to check in your disaster preparedness inspections Disaster preparedness is essential for: Ensuring top safety for your building and everyone in it  Minimizing emergency repair in the future Keeping track of all plumbing, electricity, and infrastructure details Raising your restored building’s value with regular inspections Buildings differ in a few ways, but there are […]

Things You Might Not Know About Asbestos

Dangers of asbestos Think asbestos problems are in the past? Think again! Asbestos is still an active building material used in the United States, it’s minerals can be used to make products strong, long-lasting, and fire-resistant. Before the ’90s, it was mainly used for insulating buildings against the cold weather, and noise and for fireproofing. […]

Plan Ahead With Express Recovery

Plan ahead with express recovery Express Restoration understands how critical it is for businesses to resume regular operations after a disaster. Our team will help you customize an emergency preparedness and response plan.  The Express Recovery­™ program includes a thorough building assessment and walk-through to help you identify risks, create a plan, educate employees, and […]

Behind The Scenes

Behind-The-Scenes Biohazard Cleanup We are giving you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our Express Team performing a biohazard cleanup service at a local establishment in Arizona. We were able to maximize our cleaning efforts while keeping costs down due to our thorough cleaning procedure (all while maintaining complete client confidentiality). Below is a glimpse into […]

Things To Know About Black Mold

Things To Know About Black Mold Mold can be found everywhere. As mold grows, it feeds on materials like wood, fabrics, ceiling tiles, upholstery, and carpet, causing them to rot and fall apart. Left unchecked for a long duration of time, mold can even cause enough damage to collapse ceilings and cave in floorboards. Mold […]

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