What to check in your disaster preparedness inspections

Disaster preparedness is essential for:

  • Ensuring top safety for your building and everyone in it 
  • Minimizing emergency repair in the future
  • Keeping track of all plumbing, electricity, and infrastructure details
  • Raising your restored building’s value with regular inspections

Buildings differ in a few ways, but there are several common elements that need regular evaluations.

The following are some of the main elements to consider:

  • Building interior: This includes the condition of your building’s floors, roofs, doors, etc. For instance, if you spot cracks in the walls or roofs, they might seem harmless, but it’s crucial to have a professional’s opinion since a seemingly small crack could indicate a larger problem.

  • Plumbing: In any building, plumbing is one of the most effected parts due to aging. The most common problem found in multi-story buildings is water leaks. Even with great care, your building is never immune from a water-related disaster, which is why it is important to have regular plumbing maintenance done.

  • Exits: To ensure the safety of those in your building, you should make sure all regular and emergency exits (such as fire exits) are clearly labeled on every floor. Furthermore, it’s important that all accessible exits function as they should without any glitches.

  • Electricity: It is inevitable that every building will encounter an electrical problem every year. In commercial and residential buildings, power outages, dimming or flickering lights, and hot fixtures are common signs of overloaded electrical systems. Therefore, it’s important to devote a lot of attention to ensure each component of your building’s electricity is functioning appropriately.

Taking preventative measures is only half of your restoration preparation; the other half is knowing who to call when prevention fails or when a natural disaster strikes. Express Restoration Services is ready 24/7/365 to handle any property damage, big or small.

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