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24/7/365 Emergency Response

IICRC Certified


IICRC Certified


24/7/365 Emergency Response

Restoration Service FAQs

We know that Restoration Services are uncharted territories, but that is why we are here to help.
Below are some of the frequently asked questions and answers we get from clients to help you navigate your way through unexpected emergencies.

Most companies have a business continuity plan that details procedures for employee safety, salvaging supplies and restoring operations should disaster strike. Here at Express, we can customize a plan of attack to return you back to operations, quickly and efficiently.

In most cases it should only take a Restoration Company an hour to two hours to respond to any emergency. Here at Express, we can guarantee our response time within the hour to all our express recovery clients.

It’s a contract between the property and the contractor. This allows the response team to enter the property and perform any emergency work without having a signed proposal or estimate. If you become an Express Recovery member, it can be as simple as sending a work order.

All restoration projects vary from project to project. The total cost of a project is determined by the amount affected areas, equipment, necessary procedures, consumables, and the cost of building materials. But most sudden incidences are covered by insurance, so the cost of the client is usually minimal.

Express Restoration utilizes an Insurance Industry Standardized software program (Xactimate). Therefore, you do not need to get multiple estimates—your insurance provider will not require them.

Express Restoration has certified technicians, that can respond to you’re out of norm emergencies. With the knowledge and experience to return your property to pre-loss conditions.

Call one of our experts today to learn more about Express Recovery and schedule a disaster prevention evaluation. This will allow us to become familiar with your building and be better prepared for when a disaster strikes.

Yes, Express will provide a detailed report with photos and air sample lab results. Express follows IICRC S520 guidelines. To ensure that the structure has been properly sanitized and disinfected.

Many of our emergency and mitigation projects are self-performed. We will subcontract for select projects through our vendors who undergo an extensive, detailed background check and vetting process.

During any incident where the power is turned off to avoid further damage, it is highly recommended that the power grid be inspected by a licensed electrician. Once the electrician has deemed the power grid safe, then you may turn the power back on.

Every building dries differently, so the time varies. Typically we have our client’s houses or buildings dry within three to five days after a water loss. This includes removing standing water and non-salvageable material and restoring the property to the industry dry standard set by the IICRC.

Time is of the essence as mold can develop as quickly as 24-72 hours after building materials have become saturated. Another main component of mold growth is a lack of airflow. Stale, moist areas are more likely to sprout mold growth faster than in areas expose to airflow and light.

Mold needs three basic conditions to start to germinate, water, stagnant air, and organic material. Mold can start to germinate as soon as 24 to 72 hours. Express Restoration can respond quickly to any water loss to ensure that the likelihood of mold developing from a water loss is reduced dramatically.

Mold can cause mild health problems such as irritation and allergies, but in some cases, it can cause very serious issues.

The restoration process will be determined by the extent of the damage to the structure. Generally, the restoration process is similar in most fires. Express Restoration will walk you through each step.

In any fire damage situation, please do not dispose of any items before they can be inventory and photographed. The loss adjuster must see all items before they are thrown away, even if they appear too damaged to restore.

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