Plan ahead with express recovery

Express Restoration understands how critical it is for businesses to resume regular operations after a disaster. Our team will help you customize an emergency preparedness and response plan. 

The Express Recovery­™ program includes a thorough building assessment and walk-through to help you identify risks, create a plan, educate employees, and document safety guidelines.  

We ensure that your entire organization is prepared in the event of a disaster. Our team will develop a detailed and customized disaster response guide in case of emergencies and unforeseen events. 


Our Professional Services Include 24/7/365 Responsiveness For: 


Our team will develop a Facility Disaster Response Manual tailored to your property. Our goal is to clearly outline important areas of your facility such as emergency shut-off valves, fire suppressant systems, evacuation routes, and other critical emergency response information. Having a well-prepared response plan can help your employees know the right way to respond.

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