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Unlike the other guys, we offer a completely integrated facility management experience to simplify your processes and cut costs like never before. Whether you need one of our programs, or all of them, you can customize your services to meet your specific facility needs with the guarantee of our superior customer service behind it all. 

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Why Choose Us

Our integrated model is designed to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and maximize customer satisfaction.  


Innovative Technology

CleanTelligent allows to proactively monitor the quality of service and automate work orders. Real-Time data will alert our teams of overall traffic, product levels, usage and service concerns.


Superior Customer Service

Non-automated customer service available 24/7. One point of contact and consolidated billing. Easy, automated service requests and live updates. Predictive and preventive maintenance.


Customizable Programs

Choose one or multiple services. Choose the frequency of service (daily, monthly, weekly, etc.) One-on-one discovery process to determine your needs. Expert facilities knowledge & analysis.

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