Things You Might Not Know About Asbestos

Dangers of asbestos Think asbestos problems are in the past? Think again! Asbestos is still an active building material used in the United States, it’s minerals can be used to make products strong, long-lasting, and fire-resistant. Before the ’90s, it was mainly used for insulating buildings against the cold weather, and noise and for fireproofing. […]

Behind The Scenes

Behind-The-Scenes Biohazard Cleanup We are giving you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our Express Team performing a biohazard cleanup service at a local establishment in Arizona. We were able to maximize our cleaning efforts while keeping costs down due to our thorough cleaning procedure (all while maintaining complete client confidentiality). Below is a glimpse into […]

What is Biohazard Remediation?

What is biohazard remediation? Biohazard remediation refers to the removal, cleaning, and disinfection of blood, bodily fluids, and other communicable disease outbreak. Due to the high exposure risk of bloodborne pathogens, biohazard remediation is a specialty service that requires proper training, equipment, certifications, and licensing. Biohazardous materials can pose serious dangers to your health and […]